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Part out-of Venus from inside the Navamsa analysis to have Marriage Prediction

Part out-of Venus from inside the Navamsa analysis to have Marriage Prediction

Part out-of Venus from inside the Navamsa analysis to have Marriage Prediction

The fresh new seven th household means the sa and you can relationships enjoys a beneficial strong union, you should to check on the brand new family of eight th house or apartment with other houses, family lords and you will planets. It is need to from inside the Navamsa discovering having marriage.

The connection anywhere between 7th house otherwise seventh lord that have 8th lord or sixth lord is quite damaging to your Wedded life. Right here, the connection setting this new keeping 7th lord for the eighth house otherwise eighth lord is within seventh home or, the brand new conjunction of 7th lord and you may 8th lord otherwise, their shared element or sign replace or perhaps the Nakshatra replace.

Whenever 7th lord is even get in the new star out-of 8th lord after that, situation may also occur. 7th home and seventh Lord takes on an option role when you look at the Navamsa graph forecast getting wedding.

7th lord out-of Rashi graph really should not be debilitated or impacted of the malefic planets eg Saturn, Rahu, Ketu for the Navamsa. The seventh lord or seventh home out-of D1 graph shouldn’t become related to 6th lord otherwise 6th domestic. This type of combos shouldn’t be within D1 chart.

Furthermore, when you look at the D9 chart, 7th house really should not be occupied because of the malefic worlds eg sa really should not be linked to 6th lord regarding Navamsa otherwise eighth lord from Navamsa.

This new last household from Navamsa implies brand new marital pleasure. It has to be also free of affliction. If, the latest eighth family of Navamsa has actually benefic planets eg Jupiter, Moon or Venus, that together with help in keeping your matrimony suffered.

If the, the new 11th lord from inside the Navamsa is positioned inside the seventh household, you will then be in a position to handle the difference. Your matrimony cannot crack.

In the event your 7th lord from Rashi graph is within auspicious Navamsa out-of benefic worlds particularly Sagittarius, Pisces, this may be will be good for relationships.

The newest significator getting wedding and you may relationship are Venus. The positioning away from Venus during the Navamsa is also essential build navamsa graph prediction to have relationship.

Venus really should not be put through Ketu otherwise shouldn’t be debilitated inside Navamsa. Twin cues such as Sagittarius, Gemini, Pisces, and you may Virgo, filled of the Venus when you look at the Navamsa commonly thought best for relationship. Due to that, trouble from inside the relationships may occur a while.

When you look at the Scorpio, Venus will increase like, love and you may appeal

Scorpio try an excellent Karmik signal. That you do not feel satisfied throughout the married relationships. So, the positioning out of Venus can cause situation in the relationships. Venus in Gemini, Scorpio otherwise Pisces when the subjected to Mars or Rahu anyhow, are more problematic. Very, the fresh Venus is ailment-totally free inside the Navamsa Kundali.

Venus increase the compulsion to possess love and you may romance

In the event the Rashi graph or D1 graph otherwise D9 chart both have state, upcoming we can finish that it will be difficult in order to type that aside. In these instances, in the event that on the horoscope matching, one has situation although most other has not yet any, then the marriage could be best to a point.

This will be a map of a lady. It’s an excellent Leo ascendant Kundali. First thing we notice that brand new seventh lord Saturn is actually retrograde. We wish to keep in mind that retrograde worlds have become strong. However they are not as happy otherwise silent. While the retrogression mode the latest unfulfilled Karma. 7th lord try retrograde here. The 2nd Family contains the affliction out of Mars and Saturn. 8th household provides exalted Venus. Therefore, on Rashi graph, disease away from married life can be found.

7th family when you look at the Navamsa are occupied of the Ketu. The brand new sixth lord out-of Navamsa, Mercury is in Lagna and is aspecting this new 7th family. So, the disorder is available within the Navamsa in addition to. sa which can be aspecting the 7th household out of Navamsa.

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