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The digital technologies and hardware currently used by mediators incorporate:

The digital technologies and hardware currently used by mediators incorporate:

The digital technologies and hardware currently used by mediators incorporate:

This Toolkit is supposed for mediators. With their accompanying Report, it evaluates opportunities and dangers linked to the use of digital engineering in mediation contexts What’s more, it supplies real advice and information from professionals and pros.

The practice of mediation continues to be a human-centered endeavor, no matter if electronic technology is usually deemed revolutionary for their speed, range and techniques influence.

Digital engineering may bring significant efficiencies and possibilities to the mediation work. On the other hand, the dual incorporate nature of electronic technologies also means that their unique utilize can existing important dangers. Comprehending these dangers allows mediators to higher leverage the ventures of electronic technology.

The UN advice for efficient Mediation defines mediation as an activity where an authorized helps a couple of people, making use of their permission, to attain collectively acceptable agreements.

Digital technologies are identified in this Toolkit as digital gear and solutions which can be familiar with find, evaluate, store, write, speak and disseminate ideas. The technology has a significant influence on ways mediators communicate and function.

Controlling Hazard

A threat administration mindset directed by idea of aˆ?do-no-harm’ is needed to determine which technology ought to be put whenever, where and why during different levels of a mediation processes plus in conformity together with the mediation method.

To mitigate possibilities and potential harm to the mediation energy, mediators should enhance their digital literacy and deepen their unique awareness of digital security and safety problems involving electronic systems. They also must put digital technologies together with management of associated dangers in their preparation and having a budget procedures.

  • Online literacy: mediators need certainly to develop standard facts and interaction technology (ICT) expertise. In addition they need to understand the digital ecosystem of a mediation ecosystem and include related factors in their evaluation. Including individual information particularly age, gender, vocabulary and literacy; the nationwide I . t (IT) system, like entry to critical internet and power sources; and recent and potential electronic technology utilized by conflict people as well as other pertinent actors.

Social Networking

Social networking is actually an umbrella name for many different entertaining applications that enable customers to create material (texts, photos, video) and express a few ideas together through an internet neighborhood. People engage with social media marketing to their personal computers, pills or smartphones via web-based program or solutions. Mediators and their teams use various social networking applications to support analysis, strengthen channels for engaging with dispute functions, promote deeper inclusivity and improve community communications tips.

The social media marketing programs most prevalently utilized by mediation gurus put programs such as fb, Flickr, Instagram, LinkedIn, SnapChat, Twitter, YouTube and immediate texting programs such alert, Telegram, Viber and WhatsApp.


Geographic Ideas programs become digital apparatus that store, evaluate and see ideas in chart format. The info is amassed via satellite imagery and triangulated with information collected from other means. GIS technologies may be leveraged by mediators as well as their teams to grant geographic records aˆ“ real time or ancient aˆ“ on specific places and just how they might be afflicted with the specific situation on the floor. Capable assist concentrate attention on certain inhabitants teams eg people or marginalized teams or on important normal tools which may be fueling or financing conflict. Capable also be used to monitor protection agreements or ceasefire contracts, and provide a significant way for constructing confidence between conflict activities.

Several international organizations, such as the United Nations, have actually significant chart and GIS sources at her convenience. Including, this can include the UN Geospatial info Section’s (UN GIS) general, objective and thematic maps together with spatial and imagery research, OCHA’s reduction online Maps, UNOSAT’s images investigations and satellite expertise, or UNEP’s MapX system for spying normal info and environmental modification. For small non-governmental organizations working in the world of mediation and broader conflict cures, higher outlay have limited the aid of GIS sources, even though technologies is increasingly obtainable today. Many open-source and crowd-sourced methods such as Airbus’ Defence and Space, worldwide experience chart, ap, MDA Geospatial providers and Ushahidi render crucial affordable options.

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